This infographic covers how many cases of Legionella/ Legionnaires disease in England or Wales;

  • 371 confirmed cases of Legionnaires disease were discovered in 2015 by PHE.
  • 175 cases of Legionella were found from travel abroad, 139 from in the community, 44 cases from UK travel and 14 Cases from Hospitals.
  • The record month for Legionella discoveries were September 2015, were 77 cases were discovered in England and Wales.
  • A regional analysis shows that 54 cases were found in London, 40 in the West Midland, 39 cases in the Yorkshire and Humber Region.

For a clearer understanding of Legionella please visit our introduction infographic here

As a business Enviroliance are a nationwide independent Environmental Consultancy providing Legionella Control and Water Systems Management. We value long term strategic partnerships and are known for our substantial industry experience and quality service. Enviroliance offer a range of services including:

Water Systems Management
Legionella Risk Management
Sampling and Analytical Services
Clean and Disinfection of Domestic and Closed Water Systems
Bespoke Training in Legionella Management and Related Public Health Issues
We work in a range of different sectors including:

Hospitality | Healthcare | Retail Domestic | Education | Industrial

Who are we?
Our team are located at strategic points throughout the UK. This allows Enviroliance to service any contract of any size. Our services are built on expertise and experience.

Our team have over 150 years of experience
We have been trading for over 12 years
The training requirements for our staff are substantial and ongoing.
Our quality system is unrivaled ensuring our work is to the highest standard
The Labs we use are all UKAS certified

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