Enviroliance are delighted to announce the launch of our new client portal

Our portal will allow clients to securely login to their dedicated document management system. The portal has been designed to allow 24 hour access from anywhere with a web connection. This will give our clients access to their:

  • Bespoke Reporting
  • Legionella Risk Assessments & Log Books,
  • Tank Cleaning and Disinfection certificates,
  • Sampling and Analysis reports,
  • Legionella Awareness Training records
  • Engineering status updates & Reports

This project was carefully considered by the Enviroliance Management team and was designed with convenience for our clients in mind. We would like to ensure our Clients we deploy the highest levels of data security:

  • All interactions with the Enviroliance portal occur over an encrypted channel. We employ SSL to protect your documents, passwords, and interactions with the portal from eavesdropping.
  • The portal encrypts your documents and all information stored in our databases at rest. The data is encrypted using AES-256.
  • Enviroliances’ portal is designed to allow access to documents via authenticated logins. In other words, documents stored are only accessible if you log into the service or share the documents with another individual that must log into the service.
  • Your Data is stored at CyrusOne. CyrusOne has an SSAE 16 Assessment Report. Their facility uses physical barriers, video surveillance, and a professional security staff to keep the data center secure and protected.
  • Your documents and metadata are always stored in redundant, replicated storage. After document upload, we store at least 2 copies of your documents. This ensures availability as well as scalability. Further, once a day documents are archived onto offline storage. As with live storage, at least 2 copies exist of your metadata as well as documents. Therefore the portal maintains 4 copies of your documents and metadata — 2 onsite and 2 offsite to ensure data accessibility and data recover ability

Enviroliance operates in the Legionella Control Industry which is driven by compliance. With this in mind this tool allows clients different permission levels An example of this would be;

  • a site user can have access to all of an individual sites record,
  • an area manager can have access to many sites complete records.
  • An HR user can have access to Legionella awareness training records for one or multiple sites.
  • A compliance director can have access to all Enviroliance records.

Quicker Service, this shall automatically update when a document or report has been completed. The portal has the capability to automatically send an email anytime a report is uploaded to any of your sites. Allowing you access to the information you need as quickly as possible.

This is one of a number of innovations that Enviroliance are working on at the minute, We will keep you posted as others develop

You define the number of logins that you require and what you or your staff have access to from their portal login. To request a login please email office@enviroliance.com or call 0800 689 3253.

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