All employers are required by law to assess the risk posed by the potential for legionella colonisation. This is detailed under the legislation in the Health and Safety Work Act (1974) and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (1999).


Enviroliance offers extensive and compliant Legionella Risk Assessments of man-made water systems to identify any potential risks present, together with the control measures required to deal with them. Risk assessments should be carried out regularly on water systems that are at risk of harbouring harmful bacteria.

A reasonably foreseeable risk of Legionella bacteria exists in buildings with Hot and Cold water systems, Spa facilities, Cooling Towers and any equipment containing water that produces an aerosol or spray.

Risk assessments provide Employers with confidence that their systems are safe for use and pose no threat to the surrounding environment. The assessment also ensures that any control measure already in place is effective in maintaining low levels of bacteria for the long term.

At Enviroliance, our team is fully accredited to conduct high quality risk assessments on site to protect our clients and their employees from exposure to legionella bacteria.

The assessment involves a comprehensive investigation into the design and intended use of the water systems particularly areas of risk where the bacteria may be present. The Assessment will also consider manamgement and maintenance records in line with the owner/occupier legionella control policy.

Following inspection of the site, the findings of the inspection are comprised into a written record for our clients and will include the following:

  • Level of risk present
  • Non-conformities in line With Health & Safety Legislation and Industry Guidance
  • Recommended Control Procedures
  • Recommended Remedial Actions
  • Schematics of Site Water Systems
  • Photographs of Site Assets and Identified Risks

Enviroliance as standard will also produce a bespoke site systems logbook for on-going monitoring and maintenance of the water systems on site.

Are you concerned about the risk of Legionella within your organisation? Or has significant time elapsed since your last risk assessment?

At Enviroliance we are dedicated to helping organisations keep employees, customers and other stakeholders safe through consistent and effective water systems and legionella control management. To find out more or to book an initial consultation, please contact a member of our experienced team today on 0800 689 3253.

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Enviroliance is certified by the Legionella Control Association to deliver Legionella awareness training courses, which can be tailored to different levels of knowledge and expertise.

Our Senior Team Members can deliver on-site courses, or trainees can attend one of our courses held at a network of training venues throughout the UK.

All courses are designed to provide attendees with the knowledge needed to competently carry out monitoring tasks as per the ACoP L8 guidelines, whilst helping you to understand the true risk that Legionella poses with detail on the design systems and working practices that your business needs to protect employees and other stakeholders.

Equally, this course will give you the knowledge to make confident and informed choices when commissioning others to take this on for you.

The majority of our training courses take place across half a day and cover 5 key modules:

  • Background to the Disease and Organisms
  • Legislation – Health and Safety
  • Medical Aspects and Managing Water Systems.
  • Sampling and Analysis.
  • Biofilms
  • Monitoring and Maintenance tanks.

Enviroliance training courses are delivered by members of our Senior Management Team, who have at least 25 years of personal industry experience, and work hard to deliver an informative, engaging and interactive training session.

To find out more about our dedicated training courses, please click here to contact a member of our team today.

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